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Expansion of Francophone Mobility Program to those with "moderate" French & NOC TEER 4 and 5

Updated: Mar 6


Employer Specific, LMIA Exempt Work Permit


Foreign nationals with at least a "moderate" command of French with an Offer of Employment from a Canadian employer outside of Quebec (excluding primary agriculture positions)

In Force:

June 15, 2023


The expansion of the program to "moderate" French speakers and NOC TEER 4 and 5 positions is a 2 year pilot project expiring in 2025.

IRCC has announced the expansion of the Francophone Mobility Program effective June 15, 2023. This is an LMIA exempt work permit option that requires the support of a Canadian employer located outside of Quebec. The Canadian employer must submit an Offer of Employment to IRCC through the IRCC Employer Portal.

Previously the program was limited to candidates who were "habitual speakers of French" and who had been offered employment in a NOC 1, 2, or 3 position (excluding primary agriculture positions). Effective June 15, 2023, eligible candidates need only have a "moderate" command of French and have been offered a position in any NOC by an employer outside of Quebec.

IRCC defines "moderate" command of French as a NCLC of 5 or higher for oral comprehension (listening) and oral expression (speaking). Applicants must include proof that they meet the language requirements. IRCC says that "documentary evidence may be, but is not limited to: a French evaluation test or the French competencies test, a diploma or degree from a French college or university, or a document confirming studies at a French-language institution." An IRCC officer can always request a language test if they do not believe that the candidate has the required command of French.

We are able to support employers and foreign workers with applications

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