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Opt-In Option for 18 Month Open Work Permit Extension

Updated: Mar 6

The sun shines through the trees in the Canadian forest.

IRCC has started sending emails for certain open work permit holders to opt in to an 18-month extension of their open work permits.

In order to qualify, you must have:

  1. Received the opt-in email from IRCC

  2. Confirm in your IRCC Secure Account that

    • you live in Canada,

    • the mailing address on the letter is correct,

    • you have an open work permit that expires between Aug 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023,

    • you have a passport valid for at least 18 months past the expiration of your current work permit,

    • you have valid biometrics, and

    • you have and have maintained your temporary resident status at all times.

3. Scroll down to "Start an application" and select "opt-in"

4. The opt-in period begins June 7, 2023, and ends June 28, 2023

5. You must opt in while your work permit is still valid

If you do not have an IRCC Secure Account, you will need to register for one and link your most recent open work permit to your account.

Once you have selected the opt-in option, you will be asked if you meet all the criteria including that your passport remains valid and that your mailing address is as per the letter (there is no letter). Once you select "yes" you will be given the option to update your passport information and mailing address.

If you successfully opted in, you’ll get a message in your secure account to tell you that a work permit is being mailed to you. You should get your work permit at your mailing address by the end of July 2023.

If you don’t get your work permit by July 31, 2023, contact IRCC using the webform. Complete all required fields and include “OWP2023” in the text box.

If you don't opt in before June 28, 2023, or you don't opt in before your work permit expires, or you are not eligible to opt in, you must apply to extend your work permit using the regular process.

Only the following classes of open work permit holders will be given this option:

  • permanent residence applicants awaiting a decision on their permanent residence application and their spouses

  • family class-sponsored spouses with valid temporary resident status and their dependent children

  • spouses and common-law partners of most work permit holders and their dependent children

  • spouses and common-law partners of study permit holders

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