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Parent and Grandparent Lottery 2023

Updated: Mar 6

IRCC has just announced that the Parent and Grandparent Lottery for 2023 will occur beginning October 10, 2023. Invitations will likely be sent out on a rolling basis starting on that date.

Only those who submitted an interest to sponsor in 2020 will be included in the pool of possible sponsors. IRCC will send invitations to apply at random to 24,200 potential sponsors who submitted their interest to sponsor in 2020.

If you submitted an interest to sponsor in 2020, beginning on October 10, 2023, you should diligently check the email listed in the 2020 interest to sponsor form. You should make sure you also check your spam folder.

In order to sponsor, you and the parents or grandparents you are sponsoring must meet the eligibility requirements.

Applications for permanent residence will then need to be submitted by the deadline set out in the invitation letter (likely to be 60 days from the date of invitation).

Because of the narrow timeline, if you were in the 2020 pool, you should review the document checklist and start to gather all of the required documents.

You should also identify which documents will need to be translated. IRCC has strict translation requirements.

If sponsoring more than one parent/grandparent, you and your family members should carefully consider who will be designated as the principal applicant and who will be designated as a dependent.

Applications must be submitted through the IRCC PR Portal (or PR Representative Portal if you are represented). The PR Portal account must be opened under the principal applicant's email address. If you start an application in a PR Portal account, it cannot be transferred to a different PR Portal account or a Representative's account. If you wish to retain a representative after first starting the application on your own, they will need to prepare a fresh application in their account.

Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship: How to Apply

We understand how important it is to be reunited with family members and we can assist you with preparing a complete application for permanent residence. Contact us to book a consultation.

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