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Special Measures for Iranian Citizens

Updated: Mar 6

Temporary Public Policy for Iranians in Canada as Temporary Residents (February 23, 2023)


Iranian citizens in Canada

In Force:

March 1, 2023 (retroactive to February 9, 2022)


February 28, 2024

Effective March 1, 2023, Iranian citizens in Canada as visitors, foreign workers, and students are able to apply for a new permit to extend or amend their status. They will also receive priority processing on their applications.

Iranian citizens in Canada will also be eligible for a three-year open work permit. This include dual citizens of Iran in Canada as temporary residents.

IRCC is also waiving certain fees for Iranians who wish to extend their status, including

- Visitor Record fees

- Open Work Permit fees

- Study Permit fees

- Temporary Resident Permit fees

- Biometric fees

The application to amend or extend status must be submitted online and must follow IRCC’s specific instructions for inclusion in the program.

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