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Special Measures for Sudanese Nationals in Canada - April 2023

Updated: Mar 6


Sudanese nationals in Canada with temporary status and foreign nationals in Sudan with outstanding applications for permanent residence who have lost their passports

In Force:

April 30, 2023


October 25, 2023 (can be revoked at any time without notice)

Effective April 30, 2023, Sudanese nationals in Canada a as visitors, foreign workers, and students are able to apply for a new permit to extend or amend their status. They are also able to apply for a study permit and work permit in Canada without having to leave Canada to have that permit issued.

Sudanese nationals in Canada will also be eligible for an open work permit.

IRCC is also waiving certain fees for Sudanese nationals applying to extend their status in Canada, including:

- Visitor Record extension fees

- Open Work Permit fees

- Work Permit fees

- Study Permit fees

- Temporary Resident Permit fees

- In-Canada Biometric fees

IRCC has also waived the requirement to hold a passport or travel document for Sudanese nationals outside of Canada who have already applied for permanent residence.

Program Delivery Update: Sudan Temporary Measures

*Updated July 28, 2023

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