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Clearing up the TEF Language Score Confusion

Updated: May 6

There has been some confusion regarding the TEF Canada (Test d’évaluation de français) language test and Express Entry. This confusion has existed since October 1, 2019. However, it appears to have gotten worse since December 11, 2023, with people claiming that they cannot input their TEF language test results into their Express Entry profiles.

On October 1, 2019, and again on December 11, 2023, TEF updated their scoring system. However, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has not updated their Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) equivalency of the TEF language test results. IRCC continues to rely on the pre-October 1, 2019, version of the TEF language test results for the CLB equivalency.

IRCC calculates CLB based on the “Équivalence ancien score” (previous score equivalency). It is the score from this 3rd column on the Attestation de Résultats (statement of results) of the TEF test results that must be included in an applicant's Express Entry profile and application for permanent residence under Express Entry.

Applicants should not try and include the test results in the column marked "Score / 699" as they are not compatible with IRCC's online system.

Sample TEF Attestation de Résultats (Test Results)

TEF Test Results Sample

TEF CLB Equivalencies

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