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Welcome to Lighthouse Immigration Law’s Canadian Immigration News & Updates

Updated: Mar 6

I am an immigration lawyer based in Ottawa Ontario. As an inveterate immigration news junkie, I post daily updates on twitter with the latest information about IRCC’s programs, policy updates, technical issues, and many other immigration adjacent topics of interest.

I plan to post regular updates here to provide more substantive information about some of my tweets. I will also post responses to some of the questions I am asked on Twitter. Although I am not able to answer all of the questions that I am tagged in and I cannot provide advice without a proper consultation and review of a person’s specific circumstances, I can provide general information and guide you to where you might find more information on your own.

Follow me on twitter, subscribe to my updates, and post your questions… You may see a response here or on Twitter.


A Canadian flag flying in front of a clock tower.

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